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What is the A Culture Of Excellence? A Culture Of Excellence is a huge movement of ordinary people to become extrordinary People. These people that are a part of A Culture of Excellence, are not yet aware the are a part of it.They are people just like me that are searching for the answers to a better life. A way to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. They want to develope a since of awareness. They want to create thier prefect world,and Harmonious unity.In thier family, there work place, and in there community. They are tired of the way things are and want to know what we  as individuals we can do to bring back excellence and harmonious unity into our lives

A Culture Of Excellence is my vision of the future, and what must take place and is already in motion to spare the suffering of so many. Its because of this suffering, sad condition this world is, that A Culture of excellence has coming into existance. It is a culture of visionaries, dreamers, evangelical enterpreneurs, and a hugh movement of people that are seeking to get closer to GOD and reestablish his presents in all that we do.To bring and end to the chaos, confusion, and live a life of abundance, the way we were created to be.

It is this hugh, but silent movement, that has been and will continue to keep this country and the world afloat, during this time of suffering for so many.

This hugh Culture of Excellence movement will be multi cultural,it will consist of all age groups, but will be of one mind, and will all seek the same thing, A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE.

At this point many of the people that  make up A Culture of excellence, may not even be aware that they are a part of it. For the moment they are still seeking answers to thier own problems and challenges. But It is this burning desire of
excellence that brings us united together to achieve A Culture of excellence. A Culture of Excellence well spread like a virous, because it is a culture of love, inspiration and worthy ideals.

A Culture of Excellence is going to bring forth a wave of Evangelical enterpreneurs and politicle leaders.These new leaders will have a magnetic attraction causing others to follow them in thier pursuit of a worthy goal.They will have rock solid confidence, and have a rock solid vision of there Goals. They will be the answer to this ailing econmy, and Creat many jobs. These Evangelical Enterpreneurs  & Politicians will have highly devlpoed intelectural Factors, a keen since of perception, and in a high state of awareness. They will be the leaders this country has long awaited for.  

This year, 2012, marks the end of an economy that has been set back on it's heals, it has reached the bottom and there is no where else to go but up.

I declare in the name of JESUS, 2012 marks a new beginning of the most exciting time in the history of man kind.It will be led by A culture of excellence.

To understand why it must happen! We must understand this: In the beginning GOD created this universe, and the earth and everything was in perfect harmony. Whether you believe it or not we are returning to what once was.

If everything was created so perfectly, why is everything so messed up?

Because we messed it up, we took GOD out of the picture,and developed a wrong way of thinking.Over the course of time we have slowly given up all that has been given to us without even realizing it, and now we are singing the blues. We got lazy, now we want someone else to step up to the plate and solve all of our problems. WRONG!

NO, This is not GODS problem, and don't expect any help from the Government, the more we expect the Government to do, the more freedom we give up. NO! This is our problem we created it and we need to step up to the plate and take action.It's time to follow our intuition, get creative, get educated, reclaim the authorty given to us all by our creator. 

The answer there in lies with in each of us, the seed has already been planted, we need to reprogram our minds, develope a new way of thinking. Decide today what do you want, and what are you willing to do.

A cultue of excellence is already hugh & it's members, will (or have already) developed a keen since of awareness, positions of thier faculties,A keen since  of Perception, a keen imagination, a  well developed  memory, logical rezoning, a great intuition and wisdom that comes fom GOD. They will not need to elect a leader, have pages & pages of legal documents, have meetings or anything that resembles most groups or organizations, this culture of excellence is in the heart of all of us, & will remain a silent force  driven by  Desire of it's millions of members to achieve A CUlture Of Excellence. 

ONE INDIVIDUAL AT A TIME, or Small teams, It will require developing a new mind set, and reverse thinking

It is no accedent that  you are looking at his page, wether you realise it or not you are being called to live a life of excellence,and to spread a life of eccellence to those areound you.to gether we will change the course of history from, from disater to A Cullture Of Excelence. sign up  A C, Get Training, I have the rite training program at the rite time.

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